A night at the peak ‘KALSUBAI’.

The Well.

We 3 friends decided to go to Kalsubai peak. Upon planning we left Pune a 6:00 am and reached Baari at around 10:30 am.Trekking is the best part. It took us 5 hours to reach the peak from Baari(the base village). All the people who had started earlier during the day were returning back while we were going in the opposite direction. We reached at around 4:30 pm.We pitched a tent near the well on the top. We could feel the cold as it was February and at a great altitude. We decide to watch the sunset from the peak where the temple of Kalsubai is situated. It was a 15 min walk from the well and needed to climb an iron ladder in the last part

Our Tent.

The sunset was magnificent and the best part was it was just the 3 of us at the top on that day. We had a photo session without nobody there to photobomb, also we experienced the silence when we had nothing to say to each other. After the sunset it started to darken quickly and we retraced our steps to our tent.

We made a bonfire with the wood which a local guy had provided us before he went back down to his village. We ate our dinner(tiffins) shivering in the cold. Also the wood was wet which caused a lot of smoke in turn irritating the eyes. After the bonfire went out  we realised that sky was the dotted with a billion stars which we were not able to see in the city lights back home. We also saw a few shooting stars. It was difficult to sleep because of the chilling cold, howling wind and the fear that the tent would uproot. We were the only 3 humans on the peak that night which was terrifying considering the dark night. The tent belonged to one of my friend. We woke up in the morning to the sound of few people fearing them to be bandits, but they were trekkers like us who had come to witness the sunrise. We immediately readied ourselves to again go to the top and watch the sunrise. As the sun peaked over the horizon in the distance we were spellbound with the amazing view. Packing our tent and greeting the early trekkers who were surprised with our stay at night,we started our retreat back to the foothills. On reaching the village we decided to visit the Bhandardara Dam which had it’s gates opened to provide for the Umbrella Waterfall.  Also saw the Amruteshwar Temple which is considered to be the source of origin of the river Pravara. The carvings on the walls of this temple are immaculate. Having seen all this in a span of 2 days was itself exhausting and delightful at the same time. But everything was worth it

Umbrell Waterfall.
Kalsubai Temple.
Bhandardara backwaters.

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