The audiobooks I liked in 2019

My journey with audiobooks started last year when I used to drive to my internship and listening to the same songs play on the radio station everyday eventually wore on me. So instead of mindlessly driving in a silent car, I started listening to auidobooks.

But where do I read/listen* to these audiobooks?

I came across a flyer at the local library about audiobook subscription for FREE. Being a student, that caught my attention and I signed up for the library membership that gave me access to a wide variety of audiobooks and books for my kindle. All I had to do was download the ‘Libby’ app and pick and choose any book to borrow. Initially I was waiting for a few weeks to listen to the most popular audiobooks. But soon I realised that there are so many other books by brilliant authors which were available immediately. And that is what got me into listening/reading audiobooks. These are some of my favourite audiobooks from this year

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch: A thrilling sci-fi with an interesting take on the choices we make in life. Set in the modern world the book details the life of a guy whose past decisions come to haunt him.

Darius the Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorram: This great Young Adult book tackles the dogma of depression, beautifully described through the lens of a half American half Iranian teenager and his visit to his grand parents in Iran.

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee: A Korean novel beautifully explaining the lives of a multi generational Korean family set around the early 1900’s during the Japanese occupation of Korea.

The Magicians series by Lev Grossman: Harry Potter meets the Chronicles of Narnia.

Circe by Madeline Miller: The story of the mythical demi goddess whose strong suite is herbs and potions as opposed to her illustrious Greek God family and her struggles brought down onto her by the men in her life.

P.S: I am still open to debate whether you listen to or read audiobooks. In the whole year I’ve listened to 21 audiobooks, that added to about 250 hours of audiobooks or 10 whole days. I have an Instagram story for the whole list. Hope I read/listen more in 2020.

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