My top 5 audiobooks for 2020

This year, I got onto the reading/listening train quite late and approximately got in 187 hours of audiobook listening as compared to the 250 hours in 2019. Hopefully, I can make a comeback in 2021. Here are my top 5 in no particular order.

Where the crawdads sing by Delia Owens: A young girl who is abandoned by family and society, thrives by herself in the marsh only to be labeled as the “Marsh Girl“. She eventually goes on to become a respected writer and expert on the marsh but still has to face the court for prejudices the community has against her. Her longing to lose the loneliness after being abandoned is written beautifully.

Image of the cover of the book Rodham

Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld: What would have happened if Hillary Clinton didn’t marry Bill Clinton? Brilliantly imagined and written, breaking gender stereotypes. Although inspired by real-life events, the paths imagined in the book are still different and empowering to the reader.

Educated by Tara Westover: This autobiography describes the authors’ journey from living on the farm in rural America with no choice of getting an education. She eventually fights her battles to get educated and eventually get her Ph.D. This gut-wrenching story of her family provides a great perspective of a rural traditional family with different values and beliefs. An inspiring story that built a strong woman is a must-read for every reader.

Image of the cover of the book When breath becomes air written by Paul Kalanithi

When breath becomes air by Paul Kalanithi: Born to immigrant parents in the US, and dabbling in English literature in college to finally finding a passion for neurosurgery. The author is academically talented and has an ultra high paying job lined up at the end of his 10 year neurosurgeon residency. But life kicks him in the shin when he is diagnosed with cancer right at the end of his residency and the cards start falling down. A great story about the doctor who becomes a patient and tries to find answers to the big question. What makes life worth living?

Favourite Quote: Putting lifestyle first is how you find a job, not a calling.

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo: A secret society at a prestigious university recruits an unknown girl with a troubled past. By the time she learns the ins and outs of the place, she is sucked into a thrilling fight with the otherworldly beings. A very interesting story on the supernatural and her role in the big fight.

Bookcover of the book ninth house by Leigh Badugo

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